Painting & Restoration

before and after oil painting cleaning
Cleaning of an oil painting

Painting Restoration 

 I have worked on numerous paintings of various sizes and use the most appropriate technique to restore each one. From cleaning the canvas to patching up a tear, you can rely on my expertise in restoring your artwork.
Painting restoration work

Painting Restoration

My painting restoration work can often involve cleaning and re-stretching. If there are any holes or tears in the canvas, they can be patched. Cracked surfaces can be consolidated and flaking paint adhered back onto the canvas. Missing areas of paint can be re-touched. 
 Feel free to get in touch for a free estimate.
Canvas stretching

I can help you with:

  • Oil painting restoration
  • Canvas stretching
  • Painting repairs
  • Antique painting restoration
  • Antique print restoration
  • Cleaning, patching and re-touching
For painting restoration work in London and nearby areas, 
call Rebekahs Restoration on 07808 162 886
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