Frame Restoration

Frame restoration

Frame Restoration

Create a lasting impression with stunning frames. Contact Rebekahs Restoration in London for further information on frame repairs.

Restoration and Conservation of Antique Frames

As a qualified art restorer and conservator, I can repair your frames from a light clean to rebuilding missing parts and re-gilding, while keeping the antique patina of the frame. I can also repair more modern frames or replace them for you.
Antique frame restoration

You can rely on me for:

  • Cleaning and Consolidating Antique Frames
  • Rebuilding missing parts
  • Colour Matching and Gilding
  • Hand Finished Frames 
stylish frame

Excellent finishing touches

After repairing your frame, I can add finishing touches to improve its overall appearance or I can create hand finished frames to your choice Let me know what you are looking for and I can recreate your frame the way you want it. Call me for more details.
For frame restoration in London at reasonable prices, 
call Rebekahs Restoration today on 07808 162 886
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